Calgary awarded $228M from feds’ Housing Accelerator Fund to increase Housing supply

The Dolphy Content Team
Posted November 24, 2023
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Mayor Jyoti Gondek of Calgary addresses the public during the announcement of a $228 million agreement with the federal government through the Housing Accelerator fund. This funding is intended to implement initiatives aimed at bolstering the city's housing inventory in the upcoming years. (Photograph by Henna Saeed, CityNews).


Calgary has been awarded $228M from the federal government’s Housing Accelerator Fund in order to address urgent housing needs and create more affordable homes. This funding will allow the City of Calgary to build 4,000 new affordable dwellings over the next five years that tackle everything from homelessness to overcrowding issues. This is a monumental game changer for those who have struggled to find appropriate accommodation, as well as for people hoping to purchase their first home in Calgary or upgrade an existing one. We'll explore why this investment is important and how it will benefit individuals, families and communities across our city!



The good news is that This generous investment will be used to help provide high-quality and affordable rental housing while increasing economic opportunities for Calgarians. With this money, residents may have an easier time finding their own homes, as well as more options to choose from. Read on to learn what this could mean for potential homebuyers like yourself in Calgary's competitive market.


" Calgary has seen a “substantial increase” in housing growth since 2021, according to the CMHC, and this investment is expected to keep that going. "



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