Does Calgary Have Land Transfer Tax?

The Dolphy Content Team
Posted November 26, 2023
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In Calgary, Alberta, there is no land transfer tax imposed.

Instead, a title registration fee is applied, determined by the property's value, along with a mortgage registration fee for any outstanding loans. The registration fee comprises a base of $50, plus an additional $2 for every $5,000 of the property value. If there is a mortgage, an extra $50 is charged, along with $1.50 for every $5,000 of the mortgage amount. It's important to note that neither Alberta nor its municipalities provide a rebate for first-time homebuyers.

Calgary, Alberta stands out among Canadian provinces as one that does not enforce a land transfer tax. In many provinces across Canada, this tax is borne by the buyer during property acquisition, calculated based on the property's purchase price, and collected by the government at the time of the transaction.

In contrast, Alberta distinguishes itself by not having a land transfer tax, thereby reducing the overall cost of property acquisition in comparison to other regions in Canada. Instead, the province has a property transfer fee, a charge imposed by the Alberta government for registering a property transfer. This fee is a modest percentage of the purchase price and is utilized to support various government services.

Land title transfer fees and first-time home buyer rebates in Alberta are structured as follows:

  • $300,000 property value 
  • ÷ $,5000 tax portion size
  • 60 portions of value up to $5,000 (rounded up)

  • $50 base value
  • + ( $2 tax per $5,000 portion × 60 portions of value up to $5,000 )
  • = $170 land title transfer fee on property value

2. Land title transfer fee on the mortgage amount

  • $240,000 mortgage amount
  • ÷ $5,000 tax portion size
  • = 48 portions of value up to $5,000 (rounded up)

  • $50 base value
  • + ( $2 tax per $5,000 portion × 48 portions of value up to $5,000 )
  • = $120 land title transfer fee on property value

3. Total land transfer fee 

  • $170 fee on property
  • + $120 fee on mortgage 
  • $290 total land transfer tax

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