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1. Elevate Condos - Tower 3

Project Location: Kitchener

1333 Weber Street East, Kitchener, ON

Completion: Est. Compl. May 2025

Developed by:Pamata Hospitality Inc

No of units:544

Elevate Condos - Tower 3 is a new condo community by Pamata Hospitality Inc currently under construction at 1333 Weber Street East, Kitchener. 

2. Wallaceton by Fusion Homes

Project Location: Kitchener

23 Spachman Street, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: TBD

Developed by:Fusion Homes

No of units:0

Discover Wallaceton by Fusion Homes, a dynamic community located at 23 Spachman Street, Kitchener.

3. Trussler West Towns

Project Location: Kitchener

155 Washburn Drive, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: TBD

Developed by:Activa

No of units:0

Unveiling a new standard of living at Trussler West, a captivating townhouse and single-family home community meticulously crafted by Activa. Nestled at 155 Washburn Drive, Kitchener.

4. Otis in the Park

Project Location: Kitchener

51 David Street, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: Completed Spring 2023

Developed by:Vive Development and VanMar Constructors Inc.

No of units:30

Explore Otis in the Park, a premier condo and townhouse community brought to you by Vive Development and VanMar Constructors Inc., situated at 51 David Street, Kitchener.

5. Verde Living Condos

Project Location: Kitchener

15 Palace Street, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: Est. Compl. Mar 2025

Developed by:JD Development Group and Downing Street Group

No of units:266 

Verde Living, a condo community by JD Development Group and Downing Street Group, is currently in preconstruction at 15 Palace Street, Kitchener.

6. Q Condos

Project Location: Kitchener

20 Queen Street North, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: Est. Compl. Summer 2026

Developed by:Momentum Developments

No of units:239 

Q Condos, a cutting-edge condo community by Momentum Developments, is currently in preconstruction at 20 Queen Street North, Kitchener.

7. Doon's Crossing

Project Location: Kitchener

235 Chapel Hill Drive, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: Construction Started 2021

Developed by:Crescent Homes

No of units:0

Discover Doon's Crossing, a new community of townhouses and single-family homes by Crescent Homes, located at 235 Chapel Hill Drive, Kitchener.

8. Williamsburg Green Homes

Project Location: Kitchener

11 William Dunlop Street, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: Est. Compl. Spring 2024

Developed by:Heathwood

No of units:0

Explore Williamsburg Green, the latest single-family home community by Heathwood, currently under construction at 11 William Dunlop Street, Kitchener.

9. Pioneer Park Towns

Project Location: Kitchener

854 Doon Village Road, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: Est. Compl. 2025

Developed by:Tofino Builders

No of units:24

Discover Pioneer Park Towns, an upcoming townhouse community by Tofino Builders, currently in preconstruction at 854 Doon Village Road, Kitchener.

10. The Flats at Rainbow Lake

Project Location: Kitchener

525 New Dundee Road, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: Est. Compl. Oct 2023

Developed by:HIP Developments

No of units:184

Explore The Flats at Rainbow Lake, an ongoing condo community by HIP Developments, currently under construction at 525 New Dundee Road, Kitchener.

11. Explorers Walk

Project Location: Kitchener

88 Grand Flats Trail, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: TBD

Developed by:New Lifestyle Homes

No of units:0

Discover Explorers Walk, a new single-family home community by New Lifestyle Homes, currently under construction at 88 Grand Flats Trail, Kitchener.

12. The Enclave At Jeffrey Place

Project Location: Kitchener

217 Fallowfield Drive, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: Construction Started Spring 2022

Developed by:Ironstone Building Company

No of units:25

Discover The Enclave at Jeffrey Place, a recently constructed single-family home community by Ironstone Building Company, situated at 217 Fallowfield Drive, Kitchener.

13. Harvest Park

Project Location: Kitchener

Kitchener,  ON

Completion: Est. Compl. 2023

Developed by:Activa

No of units:0

Uncover a brighter future at Harvest Park, a new townhouse and single-family home community by Activa currently under construction in Kitchener.

14. Sandra Springs

Project Location: Kitchener

Dunnigan Court, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: TBD

Developed by:Brexon Homes

No of units:28

Explore Sandra Springs, an emerging single-family home community by Brexon Homes, currently under construction at Dunnigan Court, Kitchener.

15. Wildflower Crossing Towns

Project Location: Kitchener

1531 Bleams Road, Kitchener,  ON

Completion: Complete

Developed by:Mattamy Homes Canada

No of units:0

Welcome to Wildflower Crossing, the enchanting townhouse and single-family home community crafted by Mattamy Homes Canada, located at 1531 Bleams Road, Kitchener.