Calgary's Thriving Tech Scene: A Hub of Innovation and Economic Growth

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Posted November 28, 2023
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Calgary's Thriving Tech Scene: A Hub of Innovation and Economic Growth

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is undergoing a remarkable transformation as it emerges as a thriving tech hub. The city, once renowned primarily for its energy sector, has witnessed a surge in tech investments, innovation, and job creation, positioning it as a key player in the global tech landscape.


Investment Surge Fuels Calgary's Tech Sector

Calgary's tech sector has experienced a remarkable investment surge, fueling the growth of innovative startups and attracting top talent to the region. In 2022, Calgary's tech companies secured over $647 million in venture capital funding, representing a significant 25% increase from the previous year. This influx of capital has provided crucial support for startups to develop their products, expand their operations, and hire new employees.


Job Creation and Economic Impact

The growth of Calgary's tech sector has had a profound impact on the local economy. In 2022, the tech sector contributed over $16 billion to Calgary's GDP, employing over 35,000 people. This represents a remarkable 10% increase in employment and a 12% increase in GDP contribution from the previous year. The tech sector is now one of the fastest-growing job creators in Calgary, attracting skilled professionals from across Canada and around the world.

"Employment Growth in Calgary's Tech Sector (2021-2023)"



Calgary's Tech Giants Make their Mark

Several major tech companies have recognized Calgary's potential and have established a strong presence in the city:

Amazon: Amazon Web Services (AWS) has established a cloud computing region in Calgary, providing businesses with access to its cutting-edge cloud infrastructure.


Plug and Play: Plug and Play, a global innovation platform, has opened an office in Calgary, connecting startups with mentorship, funding, and corporate partners.


Xero: Xero, a leading cloud accounting software provider, has chosen Calgary as its North American headquarters, bringing over 500 jobs to the city.


Innovation at the Forefront of Calgary's Tech Scene


Calgary's tech ecosystem is buzzing with innovation, with startups and established companies developing groundbreaking solutions across various industries:


1️⃣Artificial Intelligence Calgary-based AI companies are developing solutions for healthcare, energy, agriculture, and other sectors. Some notable companies include DeepMind Technologies and Invenia AI.


2️⃣Blockchain Technology Calgary is home to several blockchain startups exploring applications in supply chain management, finance, and digital identity. Everledger and Traceability are two such companies leading the charge.


3️⃣Clean Energy Technology Calgary's tech sector is actively involved in developing clean energy solutions, including renewable energy sources, energy efficiency technologies, and carbon capture and storage. Enviro-Solutions and Evok Energy are companies making significant contributions in this field.


4️⃣Health Tech Calgary's health tech companies are developing innovative solutions to improve patient care, such as telemedicine, wearable devices, and data analytics. CloudMD and Cognito Health are two companies at the forefront of healthcare innovation.


Fostering a Collaborative Culture of Innovation


Calgary's tech ecosystem is characterized by a strong spirit of collaboration, with startups, established companies, and research institutions working together to drive innovation. This collaborative environment has attracted top talent and fostered a culture of knowledge sharing, leading to the development of groundbreaking solutions.





Calgary's tech transformation is a testament to the city's ability to adapt, innovate, and embrace new opportunities. By fostering a supportive ecosystem, investing in innovation, and attracting top talent, Calgary has positioned itself as a thriving hub for tech companies, startups, and skilled professionals. The city's tech sector is poised for continued growth and success, contributing to Calgary's prosperity and cementing its position as a leader in the digital economy.


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